Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Super Plant Eaters Club- Plant Based Nutrition Classes for Kids!

Super Plant Eaters Club was started two years ago when the owner of Misty Forest Enrichment Center approached me about creating a class for kids. Prior to that I was only focusing on group nutrition and wellness classes and workshops for adults.

I put together a six week curriculum based on ideas that had worked well with my kids at home, and Super Plant Eaters was born! The class was well received by all ages of kids during the summer camp at Misty Forest in 2008 and has been popular ever since.

My most popular class has been the "Green Smoothie" class where I teach kids about the importance of greens in the diet and allow them to create their own smoothie in my Vita-Mix using spinach, kale and a variety of fruits and plant milk. We have come up with some very original recipes allowing the kids to experiment on their own!

If you are interested in booking a Super Plant Eaters Club class at your facility or in your home, please contact me.

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