Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Birthday Celebrated...Not With Cake But Pie

For my daughter's 8th Birthday we made the Chocolate Tofu Pie from Post Punk Kitchen.  Easy and far better than any cake...even the Fat Free Vegan "Can't Be Beet Chocolate Cake", which is our favorite for cake! 

This No Bake Pie was chocolately without being too sweet and perfect for a hot summer day!  I kept it on ice while the kids were swimming in the pool.

I found the Dandie's Vegan Marshmallows at Hoover's Essential Health Market locally.  You can also get them online at Vegan Essentials.


Kristan said...

So glad to know where to find vegan marshmallows locally!!! I had to hand carry some from DC last time I was there. Thanks for sharing!

Gretchen said...

Kristan they also have them at the Vegan store just outside of downtown, it's called Artichoke Red. It's on Orange Ave directly across the street from the Blissful Lotus.