Friday, February 20, 2015

FREE viewing of the movie "Bought: The TRUTH about Vaccines, Big Pharma and Your Food"

"Bought" is a documentary by Jeff Hayes.  He had no opinion on the debate over vaccines, pharmacuetical drugs or GMO's before he started investigative work for the movie.  After finishing the film, he has a definite opinion on all of these topics.

I urge everyone to watch this documentary whether you have kids or not.  This information will never be taught in our public schools, it will never be reported on in the mainstream media because there is so much corruption to be exposed by these corporate entities that control the system.  It is clear that PROFITS are more important than the safety or health of the American people.

To date there are no studies of safety or efficacy over the current vaccination schedule.  There are no studies of safety in the use of GMO seeds.  Most of the drugs that big pharma puts out in the market do not have proper clinical trials and even the Guardisil vaccine was rushed through FDA approval without proper clinical trials, causing major damage and killing innocent girls. 

Watch the movie, do your research outside of studies funded by Big Pharma and Monsanto, and make the changes you see fit for your family.

This movie is only free to watch for the next 13 days so please make time for it!

Here is the link: