Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My favorite Pasta Sauce is Enrico's Fat Free!

I often make my own pasta sauce using tomatoes from our garden but I also like to use Enrico's Fat Free Pasta Sauce.  Unfortunately, it almost never goes on sale, but Publix sells it at the lowest price- $3.49 for 26oz.  

It contains NO OIL, and NO SODIUM!  The two things in all commercial pasta sauces that make them unhealthy!  

The rule on sodium content is that your sodium milligrams should be equal to or less than the calories in one serving.  For most pasta sauces the calories are 60 and the sodium content is 600 milligrams!

Now, it takes adjusting to if you are used to high sodium foods, so you may want to lightly sprinkle salt on top of your finished pasta dish.  Gradually eliminate that habit and you will find that this sauce is perfect.

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