Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I LOVE the Coupon Clutch!

Since I started collecting coupons for organic whole foods and household items a few months ago, I've been looking for a fashionable way to store them.  Well, I found the perfect solution to my overstuffed coupon accordion wallet...

The Coupon Clutch!   It's handmade here in the USA and comes with all the plastic pages to keep your coupons organized and visible. My only wish is that they would have sent more of the pages that hold large coupons.  It looks like I will have to buy more.

I was wasting a lot of time going through coupons to find what I needed before a shopping trip.  Now that I can quickly flip through the pages, I'm hoping I will spend less time locating coupons and not let coupons expire before I get a chance to use them.

The Coupon Clutch comes in several fabric patterns with the option to buy the pattern and make it yourself.  Right now through end of June 2010 there is a 10% discount through Carrie's Coins and Sense. 

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Anonymous said...

Good to know that more pages will most likely be needed.