Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mitch Spinach, a Book Review

Last month I blogged about discovering the Mitch Spinach books, well now that we have purchased a copy I can give you my honest review.  And actually any book or product I review on my blog will always be purchased, that way you know I am not saying something nice just because I was given that item for free!

The book has been a hit with my older daughter, and I think it is more appropriate for ages 7 to 12 because there is a lot of text and big words that would probably go over the heads of younger kids. But, if your child is younger than 7 and is reading chapter books give it a shot!

The illustrations are really nice and the characters (besides Mitch Spinach) include: Ms. Radicchio, Principle Lycopene and Mr. Habanero!  The setting takes place at Sunchoke Elementary (though the kids look middle to high school age in the illustrations) and Mitch Spinach is using his blender to make a spinach smoothie in the beginning of the book!  The other kids are eating pizza, french fries and chicken wings and surprisingly none of them make fun of Mitch for being different?!

Mitch has a really cool backpack called a "NutriPak". It holds a variety of fruits and vegetables in compartments. I can see this becoming a real live product, along with the battery powered blender.

I won't give the rest of the story away, only to say it is a mystery and Mitch Spinach is the "hero" at the end.

There is also a recipe for the Mitch Spinach Super Smoothie.  I haven't tried it yet, but it has broccoli, carrots, kiwi, mango, banana, goji berries, and chia seeds.  As soon as we try it I'll be blogging about the results.  I've not tried this particular combination but it sounds interesting.

To order your copy go to the Mitch Spinach Website.

I'm wondering how we can we get this book into the hands of Public School parents?


Kristin said...

Where can I get the book? Sounds really good!

Gretchen said...

Click on the end of the sentence in the article where it says "To Order a Copy of Mitch Spinach go to their website." It's highlighted in green.
There's also a banner ad on the front page of the site in the right corner.