Monday, February 7, 2011

It's All In the Presentation!

So you say your kids won't eat salad?  Try getting creative with how you present a salad and I promise you will have great results.  My 5 year old devoured this one for lunch.

I bought 6 of these plate sets at IKEA back in October originally thinking I'd only use it for when we make vegan sushi...well, I have gotten so much use out of these, I need to buy more!  Not only are they great for sushi, they work great as a salad plate before meals, and also for separating cooked veggies and rice.  My youngest daughter likes to mix the sauce and veggies with the rice herself, so these plates keep the two from touching until she's ready.

The little square "dip holders" have also been used for used tea bag holders, a place to put supplements in so they don't roll off the table when I distribute them out, and for a place to put a little taste of what I'm making for dinner.

These plates were on clearance, so if you think you'd like to have them you might want to visit your local IKEA store soon.  

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