Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photographic Ode to Our Garden Tomatoes

Photographs can be like poetry.  I love the way you can play with light and come up with an entirely different look of an object or group of objects.  How the shadows fall creates a certain mood.  These cherry tomatoes from our garden look pretty magnificent from this angle and in this light. 

I bought a used Nikon D50 back in November from a friend of mine. It's been a long time since I've used a "real camera", actually it's been about 20 years!  My first real camera was a Nikon FM20, a manual SLR. I took it with me to Europe for 6 months and captured some of the best photos.  I only wish I had taken more :)

When I first starting using the D50 on "Automatic" the photos were coming out really bad.  I took it off the auto and went to 100% Manual and many of the photos were coming out slightly fuzzy.  Now I shoot in manual and let the camera finesse the final focus.  The more I use the camera, the more I am figuring out. 

So now you can look forward to better food photos. Though I may occasionally still use the iPhone :)


Kim Bee said...

Your photos are fantastic. I have a crappy kodak easyshare. I desperately need a new camera.

Gretchen said...

Thank you! I'm really trying to improve my photos. I was using my iPhone and a Sony Cybershot before. So the Nikon is a big improvement for me!

Khürt Williams said...

Camera don't take good photos, good photographers do. Photography is all about capturing light. Learning how to do that effectively - with ANY camera - takes practice. Most of my food photography has been with an iPhone.