Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This week's Gluten Free Vegan Meal Plan

Now that the weather is getting cooler here in Florida, I've been in the mood for some hearty stews and veg curries.  So here's what I have planned for this week!

Bob's Red Mill GF Steel Cut Oats with cinnamon, walnuts, shredded coconut and almond milk
Chia Breakfast Porridge
Organic Pomegranates, Bananas and Apples (served as a fruit salad)

Leftovers from all the dinner recipes below and

Organic greens salad mix with SprouTofu, organic tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, carrots
with homemade dressings from the book "Unprocessed". (recipes to be featured soon!)

I bought a bunch of organic brown basmati rice on sale this week, so all dinners from the Chana to the Korma will be served with brown rice.

Quinoa, White Bean and Kale Stew
Baked Potato and Greens Soup
Chana Masala
Black Bean chili (Couldn't find any links to other blogs featuring this one so I will post it when I make it!)
Masoor Dal
Cashew Vegetable Korma

Cherry Kale Banana Green Smoothies, Hammer Nutrition Bars, Cedar's Hummus with veggies


Roberta; mother of 4, GiGi to 1 said...

Hi! I'm a vegan-gluten free mom of a 3.5 year old boy! We eat like you guys, and I'll be checking our your blog for more ideas! I plan to try the baked potato & greens soup in the next few weeks! Thanks!

The Full Plate Blog said...

We have been cooking very similarly to one another this week, as I work to expand my family's meatless repertoire. We have had steel cut oatmeal, smashed avocado on hearty bread...a veg stew... another chickpea stew...and a chopped rainbow salad and homemade applesauce that served as perfect sides/treats throughout the week for our lunches! I was excited to find out about your blog via the Top 25 contest and will make sure to give you a vote daily, as I really enjoy your posts, particularly as we work to expand our meatless repertoire. Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, My wife has celiacs disease and is highly alergic to gluten. Your current receipes would be totally unacceptable. Oats, Quinoa, and tratoria pasta are not gluten free. I'm at a lose for what you consider gluten-free

Gretchen said...

Hi "Anonymous", maybe I should clarify that I am using the Bob's Redmill Certified Gluten Free Oats. I am also using the Jovial and Tinkyada brand of pasta that are Certified Gluten Free. If you are new to eating Gluten Free maybe you are you not familiar with those brands?

Quinoa is Gluten Free unless it has been processed on equipment that also processes foods containing gluten. You have to look for packaging that says "Certified Gluten Free".

If your wife has Celiac then it is up to the both of you to make certain that the foods she eats are Gluten Free. I do not have Celiac, nor does anyone in my family and I have never made mention on my blog at any time that my menus are for people with Celiac.

However I have Hashimoto's Auto-Immune disease and have a sensitivity to Gluten and I chose not to eat animal foods because they cause inflammation.

I hope that helps, and best of luck to you and your wife.


Valentine said...

Hi, Gretchen,
My daughter is the same as you; has Hashimoto's and is gluten sensitive. She is also vegetarian and tries to limit soy because of the Hashimoto's (it's a phyto-estrogen).
I have been looking everywhere to find a GF, Vegetarian, plant-based weekly meal plan. You don't include shopping lists and directions, but it does give nice ideas. If you did have such a plan, I would readily subscribe!
One question: you mention Alvarado Street Sprouted Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. The wheat makes it not gluten-free. Are you saying that you notice less sensitivity when the product is sprouted? I have wondered about that.
Thanks for your blog; I'm sure it will be very helpful!

Gretchen said...

Hi Valentine,

Yes, I notice less sensitivity to the Sprouted Wheat but I should not call that Gluten Free! I'm going to edit that now, thank you so much for pointing it out! And thank you for the suggestion to add the shopping list and the directions. I think if you check my other meal plans many of the meals link to the recipe either on my website or another website. But maybe it would be more helpful to have everything on one document to save time and printer ink? I will work on that. Thank you again for your helpful feedback!