Monday, September 17, 2012

Meet our new Family Member (And what he eats!)

He's a little camera shy but isn't he a cutie?!  Meet Raju, our newest family member. He is a 9 pound Chihuahua that we rescued from Orange County Animal Services about 6 weeks ago.

Believe it or not we are first time dog owners. We've always been cat people, but decided to look at dogs one day when we were at Animal Services looking at kittens.  We found this little guy and just fell in love.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family especially since my kids have been asking for a new sibling.  No, we won't be having more of those!  I love my kids, but I feel like adding more kids will take away from the attention I'm able to give them.  A dog was the perfect new addition.

We started him right away on a Vegan kibble by Natural Balance.  He had hook worms when we got him and I figured I would wait and see if the food would help rid them from his system since it's more alkaline, and I was right!  The worms were gone within 2 weeks!

I'd love to hear from any of my subscribers who have had their pets on a vegan diet for more than a year and how it's working.


Yvonne said...

Usually we see eye to eye, but this time i would have to respectfully disagree that vegan is best. Dogs are wolf descendants and i therefore believe that a raw meat diet is the most species specific diet for them. I dont eat meat but my dog sure does! Just can't picture a wolf raiding a garden amd gnawing on a head of kale -lol!

Gretchen said...

I get what you are saying Yvonne, but dogs are also scavengers, and I believe their diets can be adapted as long as their nutritional needs are being met. We can also argue that early humans were scavengers, not hunters and hence we have the "Paleo vs Vegan" argument that seems to be going on forever for human nutrition.

I am giving this a trial to see how the dog does. Definitely if the food starts to cause poor health, I will switch him over to raw meat. My cat is on a grain free animal protein diet. I never tried him on a vegan diet because I know that cats are true carnivores.