Thursday, July 28, 2011

Healthy Vegan Eats in Orlando: Wrap Planet

Okay, I know what everyone is thinking-"when is she going to cook again"?  Well, I'm taking my time getting back to cooking since the husband is still out of town.  It's nice to have a break, and it's summer!  Summer Break.  So that's it.  But just cause I didn't cook lunch doesn't mean we aren't eating good stuff.

Today we went to Wrap Planet in Winter Park.  It's tucked away in an alley off Fairbanks and Park Ave.  You might miss it even though there is a sign.  I have passed it so many times and said "I ought to try that place one day", so today was the day.  And I'm glad we did.  The food is tasty and very reasonably priced. The soup above is the "Vegan Soup of the Day" and it was a carrot broccoli soup with corn salsa...super yummy, even the kids loved it.
The wraps are huge.  This is half of "Set Me Free", a wrap with hummus, greek veggies, and green dressing.

We also had the "Blind Date" Smoothie with a Spirulina Booster.  Oh yeah, look at that dark green in the straw. The kids loved this too!
I was told by the owner that they can veganize many of the menu items, replacing tofu for chicken and omitting any dairy products.  But it's better to come before or after the lunch rush hour so they can take their time to make sure they get things made right. 

To check out the menu go to Wrap For a $2.00 off coupon and a free tea or coffee coupon, go here.


Chucky said...

Kudos Gretchen! A most excellent blog post of Wrap Planet. I'm jealous because I had recently done a blog post too. However, your photos and post have humbly out-shined mine.

My wife Tiffany and I have recently discovered this Winter Park gem and perhaps we'll bump into you one day. We frequent it often and it seems to taste better each time that we visit.

Have a wonderful day and stay healthy!

Gretchen said...

Hi Chucky, thanks for your comment and for including me in your blog roll! I just checked out your blog and enjoyed reading about your journey with vegetarianism. I hope you decide to try the juice fasting. You know you could just commit to one weekend and see how it goes. 60 days is a big commitment, I couldn't even go that long unless I was away from my family. It's too hard to juice and cook meals without being tempted to eat :(