Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Salad Extravaganza

We've been eating a lot of salad here because hot food in hot weather isn't so appealing.  So here are some photos of what we've been eating lately in sunny, hot, humid Florida weather...

This one was made on the 4th of July: Butter lettuce, grilled corn, SproutTofu sprouted soybean tofu, Basmati Rice, Lime Juice, Rice Vinegar, Sea Salt

This one was made today: Butter Lettuce, Organic baby carrots, Eden Organic canned Navy Beans, Artichoke Hearts, unhulled sesame seeds, (not pictured is the homemade Orange Avocado Dressing!)

This one was made for her: 1/2 Avocado, Artichoke Hearts, Mandarin Oranges, Navy Beans, Butter Lettuce, no salad dressing required :)

Obviously I used some canned items and bagged lettuce.  I'm okay with it, so long as it makes my putting together salads quick and easy on busy days.  As much as I like to plan ahead, some days it's lunch or dinner time before I know it and if I had to wait on beans to soak or spend a lot of time chopping, I might decide to go out for food!

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