Thursday, April 21, 2011

Healthy Vegan Eats in San Diego: Ocean Beach Cooperative Store and Cafe

I love it when I stumble upon something really great!  I happened upon the Ocean Beach People's Organic Foods Market after driving to Stephanie's Bakery and Cafe on Voltaire Street and finding they were closed. According to Stephanie's website they offer Vegan and Gluten Free options but I did not notice they are open from 11-7 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only!  We never did make it over there during those hours, maybe next time.

We started to drive back to the interstate when I saw the big sign for Ocean Beach People's OFM.  They are a food cooperative that started out of a woman's home back in the 70's!  They have slowly grown to occupy 6,000 feet of retail space with more than 11,500 member/owners. They offer the same prices to anyone out of the area who belongs to a food buying coop. So I told them about Seminole Buying Club and I was given the member discount for the store and the cafe!  A 10% savings :)

These are photos from our visit to the Cafe and some of our finds in the store...

This was the Kale and Beet Root Salad.  So super yummy!  I could have eaten three containers this size.  They have another Kale Seaweed Salad that is equally good.

Anika had the Vegan Leek Soup.  It was a little too low sodium for her taste but with a little Bragg's it was really good.

My little raw foodist had the salad bar.  Bell peppers, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery and lettuce, no dressing.

Apples were $1.21 a pound!  Haven't seen these kind of prices on apples in a loooong time.

Ksenia found the Vegan chocolate bunnies.  "Ksenia, the Easter bunny will bring you one of those on Easter, but good find!"

Anika found Gluten Free Vegan Raspberry Muffins that were fruit juice sweetened :)  Yeah, we bought those!  How could I say no to that face?

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