Monday, April 25, 2011

Healthy Vegan Eats in San Diego: La Jolla Open Aire Market, Peace Pies and Trader Joe's

So we are back from our San Diego trip but I wanted to do a quick post with photos of some of the yummy food we had at La Jolla Open Aire Market, Trader Joe's and Piece Pies Raw Vegan Restaurant.

Not the best photo but everything behind me is organic and as you can see there is lots of it! 

Organic greens were a plenty at La Jolla Open Aire Market! 

Have you ever tried a Strawberry Tamale?  We had one from "The Tamale Guy" at La Jolla Open Aire Market.  So yummy, Gluten Free and Vegan.  They tasted like cake, so we took half a dozen home.  These were so good I am looking for a recipe for them online and I hope to be making them soon because I already have the corn husks!

Peace Pies was "Rawsome"!  Seriously, I loved the very relaxed environment that is typical of a beachside cafe.  They had lots of prepared foods that you could take out including raw desserts.  Pictured here is a Collard and Faux Tuna wrap with a slice of raw pizza.  The crust was made with flaxseeds and cornmeal.

Here Anika is enjoying the Raw Kale Salad.  She has yet to find a Kale Salad she didn't like :)

Everyone talks about how great Trader Joe's prepared food is...well they are right!  I found some really interesting stuff at great prices.  Below is a Vegan Bento Box with squash, green beans, soba noodles, tofu, mushroom, edamame and different flavored brown rices.  A perfect little Macrobiotic meal.

My kids enjoyed vegan sushi and a tasty cabbage and buckwheat "Country Salad", along with some canned artichoke hearts and Zico Coconut water.  Dinner for three was under $20 and there was food leftover.

All in all I would say that San Diego is a super Veg Friendly City!  We can't wait to go back again :)


Mimo said...

Hi Gretchen! Love your blog. It's great to hear a plant-based lifestyle can be sustainable. And kids will actually eat it! Now I just need to get my hands on that strawberry tamale recipe!

Gretchen said...

Hi Mimo! Glad you found me and yes, I am working on that Strawberry Tamale recipe hopefully this week :)

PlantStrongMom said...

We are planning a trip to San Diego and your pictures have been super helpful. It is so great to see another plant-strong family thriving. Thanks!

PlantStrongMom said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. We are planning on visiting San Diego soon and your pictures have been super helpful. It is wonderful for us to see another plant based nutrient dense family thriving!

Gretchen said...

Hi Luce, thanks for your message! Always nice to find other families following a plant based diet :) Enjoy your trip to San Diego.