Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vegan in the Czech Republic! How to Eat Animal Free Food While Traveling

As many of you know, my husband and I recently took a week long trip to Prague, Czech Republic.  Before I go on any international trip I always do these things:

1. Call the airline in advance to arrange a Vegan meal on the plane.
2. Pack my own healthy vegan snacks for the plane in case the food is not good!  Sometimes it is really bland.
3. Check Happy Cow for vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in my destination city.
4. Locate the farmer's market and grocery stores upon arrival.

Now, I do want to warn that Happy Cow is not always up to date!  One example is when we were in Brno (Southeast of Prague) I found what looked like a Raw Vegan restaurant on the website.  Well when we went to find it they had changed the restaurant name and menu.  It was not so raw or vegan!  I was able to eat a nice big salad but had to settle for boiled potatoes because there wasn't anything else I could eat that wasn't fried!

Here's the salad and a small glimpse of the potatoes in the left corner from Aura Restaurant on Stefanikova, 35 in Brno, Czech Republic. The salad came without dressing, but it was really juicy with the bell pepper and tomatoes.

Here is a photo of what I ate at a non vegetarian friendly restaurant in Brno.  I basically ordered two side dishes.  A side salad called "Salaty Citron" (salad with pickled lemons) and Garlic Rosemary Potatoes.

Here is a photo of Tabouli from our absolute favorite veg friendly restaurant in Prague, Kardamon Klub. Notice it had tons of parsley!  Parsely is a super nutrient dense green.  I just love it! 

Here is Kardamon Klub's Vegetable Cous Cous. 

Kardamon Klub Restaurant offers an interesting menu from the Middle East and India with lots of vegan friendly choices.  You get a different menu each time from one of four countries: Persia, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey, and India.

Our 2nd favorite restaurant is Mayur Indicky Restaurant.  We LOVED the Indian food there!  It was far better than ANY Indian restaurant food we've had in the states.  Our favorite dish was Dahl Tarka.  I loved the flavor of this dish so much that I'm definitely going to look online for some good Dahl Tarka recipes.

Got a favorite Veg friendly, Vegan or Raw Food restaurant in Czech Republic?  Post in the comments section and tell us about it!

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