Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Portion Size Me "Snack Wars Challenge"

Today was an exciting day!  My kids got to participate in the Portion Size Me "Snack Wars Challenge" at our local Homegrown Organic Cooperative Store.  Below is a photo of the Airstream and portable home of the Reid family who are promoting their book titled "Portion Size Me" and educating the public on how to snack healthier and make better lifestyle choices. 

My daughters said they weren't nervous at all but I could tell they were a little nervous with the time limit to prepare their snack and the fact that they had a basket of "mystery ingredients".  If you are familiar with Food Network's show "Chopped", this competition was similar in style, but without all the pressure or fancy kitchen appliances.  I did joke while they were setting up the baskets that they might find things like Chia Seeds, Tofu, Romaine Lettuce and Raw Cocoa beans.  And what would they make with that?!

The actual mystery ingredients were watermelon and Alouette Cheese.  My kids of course did not use the cheese since we don't eat dairy.  Now if there had been Daiya Vegan cheese and a toaster oven to melt it, I'm sure they would have come up with something!

Here's my daughter Anika in the middle, looking all professional chef like.  She made the winning snack of fruit salad with avocado, watermelon, peaches and bananas!

Here's what it looked like...and okay, so her presentation needs work, but it tasted good :)  And who would think to put avocado in a fruit salad?

Below is what Ksenia and I made together, which also won "Best Tasting Snack" in the final round with adults competing.  We used every healthy ingredient we could find in their "pantry" that had things like gummy bears, Jell-O pudding cups, canned sausages and Ritz Crackers.  I have a bone to pick on this because I don't think this teaches the kids to try new things that ARE healthy.  I'm a firm believer that if you only give kids whole foods to choose from, they will always make healthy choices.  I think what Marshall Reid and his parents have good intentions, but at the same time they are putting out a confusing message.  I'll discuss more about that on my other blog at my Nutrition Coaching site

So I used the watermelon, Mott's Applesauce, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds and prunes.   Never have I tried this combo before but it WAS good.

If you want to participate in the Snack Wars in your home town, go to the Portion Size Me blog!


Anonymous said...

way to go! she's quite the little chef! thanks for sharing!

Kiran @ KiranTarun.com said...

Like mommy like daughter :) Bravo!

body fitness from absolute health fitness said...

The salad that your daughter made looks yummy! Two thumbs up for her! ;)

Charmain said...

This is gorgeous!