Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kiwi's Next Great Young Chef Contest!

Kiwi Magazine is looking for the "Next Great Young Chef" for 2012!  My kids have decided to start working on some recipes that include all of the products that must be included for the recipes to be accepted.  Those are products by Earth Balance, Nielsen-Massey, and Xylosweet

While we have never used Xylosweet, I think it will be an easy substitution for them to experiment with since the labeling says that it is a one to one ratio with other sweeteners.  We have also found that we really love the Earth Balance Soymilks and Peanut Butters.  Both products are so rich and creamy! 

We love the Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract but the kids have discovered other flavors they want to test in their recipes.

You can enter your kids by going to the Kiwi Magazine 2012 Next Great Young Chef page. 

I like that Kiwi often features vegan and gluten free recipes, so I'm hoping my kid's recipes will have a good chance.  They certainly are excited about it and we are having a lot of fun in the kitchen with their experiments :)

Here's Anika in the kitchen this morning working on a new spin on French Toast.  As she was making the food she said "Mom, can I be the next Food Network Star?".  :-)


Anonymous said...

how precious! i see a future food network star in the making!! thanks for sharing:)

Gretchen said...

Thanks for your comment Caralyn! I love your blog! Salivating over your Broccoli Pesto Sammie Stackers right now:
I'll Pin them so I don't forget to make them soon :)