Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Healthy Vegan Eats in Helsinki: Virgin Oil Co.

The location of the Virgin Oil Co is in the heart of Helsinki.  It's no wonder the place is always packed full of people, both locals and tourists.  They have an outdoor patio in the front of the restaurant where people gather for beer and wine at all hours of the day in the summer.  The patio gets tons of sunlight, which is a premium in Finland after the long, dark winters.

Here my husband is enjoying a Finnish Beer inside one of the various dinning areas in the restaurant :)

Here is a not so crisp photo of a dinner salad I enjoyed at Virgin Oil Co.  The menu has several large dinner salads, all of them have some serving of animal protein that can be left off.  I found that it was easy to ask for adjustments on the food I ordered.  This salad was served with reduced balsamic vinegar and pesto sauce.  I did not ask, but I feel confident that they could put together a vegan or vegetarian veggie plate based on various side dishes on the menu.

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