Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegan Grocery Deals: Free Westsoy Soymilk times 2!

If you shop at Whole Foods (or your grocery store takes WF Coupons) you can get all of these for around $4.00! That is IF you saved the March/April 2011 Whole Deal Coupon Booklet.  You can use the "Buy Two Arrowhead Mills Cereals Get One Free WestSoy Soymilk" coupon and match it with the manufacturer coupn that is a "Peel Off" stuck on most Arrowhead Mills products in the store.  That gives you TWO FREE Organic Aseptic Soymilks!

The cereals pictured are just puffed corn and kamut, nothing else added, but you can buy any of the Arrowhead Mills Cereals.  I'm not a big cereal or soymilk fan, but I like to keep these things in my small "stockpile" for this time of year.  I live in Florida and I like to have my stockpile "Hurricane Ready" by June.  These are things that will stay on the shelf for up to six months and if we don't use them I will donate them.

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