Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vegan Cuts! A New Program to Help You Save On Vegan Products and Services

The authors of the Vegan Backpacker blog are announcing a new project called "Vegan Cuts", a membership website that will feature weekly deals on vegan products and services. This idea was born out of their "love for buying vegan products and saving money".

Vegan Cuts needs your help!

Their goal is to register 1000 members during the first month and start sending deals in late April. Visit Vegan Cuts using my affiliate link.  Create an account and spread the word to your vegan friends by sharing the link on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you a blogger?

There will be an extra special prize for the person who refers the most new members during the registration period. Register today and they will send you a special referral link to share with your network.

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