Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Watch Dr. Fuhrman Live at the World Preservation Foundation Conference in London!

The following information was taken from a Press Release on DrFuhrman.com.

Dr. Fuhrman will be speaking at the World Preservation Foundation Conference on Wednesday, November 3rd at London's House of Parliament. He will address the general assembly and also provide a breakout session for world leaders who want more in-depth information about his nutritional discoveries about preventing and reversing disease and reducing human suffering and the economic burden of chronic diseases.

Dr. Fuhrman's message of improving lives through healthful eating - by embracing a diet-style rich in micronutrients - is receiving worldwide acclaim as thousands of cases demonstrate the reversal of conditions traditionally considered incurable, from heart disease and diabetes to high blood pressure and autoimmune disorders. His program has also allowed thousands of patients to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently.

You can watch the live webcast of the event at http://www.drfuhrman.com/live.

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