Thursday, June 4, 2015

Become a Veggiecator Educator!

About a month ago I ran across some videos on YouTube by Veggiecation.  I found it interesting that the classes being taught in the videos were similar to what I used to teach when I was teaching nutrition classes for kids.  Anyway, they are trying to build their network of teachers and are offering a training workshop every month to certify new teachers.  You get a kit of supplies, posters, recipes, basically every thing you need to run a class on healthy eating for kids.

You can get 10% off this month by using this code: TastyLife2015 and going to the website at  The workshop is actually tomorrow starting at 7:30pm, but if you are reading this after the start of the workshop you can email them and let them know you saw the discount on my blog and see if they will give it to you for the next training!

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