Thursday, October 11, 2012

Almost Raw Taco Salad

I am on a mission to find 30 super easy and delicious raw dishes that don't require a food dehydrator.  This is one of them!  This Almost Raw Taco Salad recipe comes from the Oh She Glows blog.  It's so incredibly simple, visually impressive, and yummy!  And it's a great recipe for men who think raw food is boring and not filling. 

I called this recipe "Almost Raw" because I used the Guiltless Gourmet Organic Baked Corn Chips in place of high fat flax seed crackers made in a dehydrator.  The salad has plenty of fat with the avocado, walnut taco meat and cashew cream "cheese".  I didn't see the point in making the meal 100% raw if it meant eating 60% or more of my calories in fat! 

I'm not opposed to eating fat, but as stated many times before on my blog, I do believe fat should be limited to 20% or less of calories...regardless of whether you are eating high raw or not.  Some raw foodists think that as long as you eat whole fats it doesn't matter how much you consume on a daily basis.  I very much disagree and I think it's one of the reasons people give up on eating raw long term. Fat is fat, even if you are consuming healthy fats, too much of it can lead to health issues.

Stepping down off my soapbox now.  Please give this recipe a try!  I promise you will not be disappointed :)

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