Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes with "Sprinkle Shots"

Why is it that when most kids see the color green, even on a CUPCAKE, they want nothing to do with eating it?  I took these beauties to a birthday party and my kids were the only kids who ate them!  It's a good thing when your kids love green :)

These little cakes are DELICIOUS!  I promise you will love them, especially if you are a green tea drinker.  I didn't invent the recipe but I invented the creative sprinkle shot toppings.   Those plastic tubes are mini test tubes left over from a science experiment kit.  We only needed 4 or 5 for the experiment and there were 24 leftover. I didn't want to throw them out so I decided to use them as a decoration.  I was wanting them to look more like a test tube for a birthday party with a "Science Potions" theme.  But a friend at the party said they looked more like a little shot glass.  I agree!

The cupcakes can be expensive, especially if you try to buy your Matcha at the health food store.  My health food store wanted $25 for a 1 ounce container of Eden Organic Matcha powder.  I went to my local Asian store, Dong-A Supermarket, and paid $9 for the Maeda-En brand Matcha from Japan. You will notice if you go to the link for Maeda-En that it will cost $12 if you buy it online!  It's not organic, but it's made in Japan, and that's good enough.

You can go to the Post Punk Kitchen for the recipe and notice that they are decorated with little marzipan flowers there.  Well if you happen to make them with the marzipan flowers please let me know how that goes!


Jessica said...

Seriously . . . my kids didn't eat those??? I'm shocked! They look delish!

Gretchen said...

Well, your kids got there almost an hour after we had served the cupcakes and Wendy and Heidi had wrapped up the leftovers to take home...guess they didn't want to share. That's how good they were :)