Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Favorite Smoothie Boosters

Pictured above are two of my favorite smoothie boosters, whole golden flax seeds (not Oil!!) and Matcha Green Tea. The flax increases fiber consumption, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, helps to drop cholesterol levels, and reduces inflammation in the body!  It's one of those foods you need to consume daily.

Green Tea contains polyphenols encluding EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) "which has been shown in laboratory studies to inhibit the growth of several types of breast cancer cells and to inhibit an enzyme called urokinase that is involved in tumor metastasis". source article: Green Tea and Breast Cancer by Dr. Pam Popper 

Green Tea doesn't just make an impact on breast cancer cells, it works the same for prostate as well!


Jessica said...

Thanks, Gretchen. Where do you buy the Matcha???

Gretchen said...

I just realized that what I bought recently was ground Sencha! It looks and tastes like Matcha though. I got it through

I found it to be more affordable than the Matcha. Teavana and Eden Organics both make great Matcha teas. You can get Matcha from Infusion Tea but they ground it with sugar and the sugar is not organic. I wish they'd carry an organic version minus the sugar.

Jessica said...

Thanks! BTW, did you know they just opened a Teavana in the Altamonte Mall? I discovered it today . . . their samples were delicious, especially the Chai/Matcha blend.

Gretchen said...

Good to know! I've only been going to the one in Tampa at the International Mall, when I visit my parents.