Tuesday, October 13, 2009

T. Colin Campbell speaks out Against the Meat Industry- "Animal Protein is not necessary for Optimal Health"

Last night on Larry King Live T. Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus at Cornell University spoke out against the Meat Industry. He went on to say that Animal foods are unnecessary for human health. EVERYONE needs to be aware that Dr. Campbell's research (which can be found in The China Study and purchased on Amazon.com) proves that increasing animal foods turns on CANCER cells. We can turn the cancer cells off by significantly decreasing or removing animal protein (from all sources including beef, chicken, eggs, fish, milk and cheese) from our diet.

There is no special formula to getting enough nutrients or protein from a plant based diet. Protein needs are low (10% of calories) and our body combines the proteins to make the different amino acids.

Protect your health and your children's health by reducing animal foods to no more than 3 servings per week of animal flesh and eliminating dairy products.

Read the Transcripts to last nights show.

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